Does basket has the similarity with love? Yeah they have many same similarities.What are the similarities?? The similarities are:
  1.  You have get your ball from your enemy just like you have to get love from the one you that you love.
  2.  After you got it, you have to keep your ball nicely and carefully just like you have to keep the one that you love.
  3. If your enemy steal your ball you've to take it again! Just like you have to take the one that you love if someone has stolen it from you!
  4. Finally is shooting, in shooting you've to be very accurate! In this stage, just like you've to be really accurate in choosing whether he/she is the right person to be the next stage(marriage)
This artice is based on my own knowledge so if there's some mistakes please comment! ;)

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    1. Thanks buat yang bilang cool.... tapi gw jadi penasaran siapa yang bilang cool sampe ada 3 orang yang bilang cool selain gw!! Please bales cooments soalnya gw penasaran bgt..